Friday, December 25, 2009

Chapter 11

The car ride back to her apartment was quiet and uneventful and it was making Cassie a little uneasy. When they got to her apartment, Cassie finally got up the guts to ask Geno what was going on.

“Hey babe, are you ok? You’ve been kind of quiet since dinner.”

“Yeah, I’m ok, but can I ask you a question?”


“Who’s David?”

“We used to be best friends in grade school. Trust me, there is nothing going on.”

“Then why would your mom want you to go see him?”

“Really? Jealous much? I don’t know why. If he calls, he calls. Don’t worry about it.”

“Ok. Well, I have early practice tomorrow, so I better go home.”

“So soon?” Cassie asks pouting her lips.

“Unfortunately, yes. But I promise I will come by after.”

“Ok. Well, I want to give you something before you leave.” As she says this, she pulls him onto the couch and gives him a longing kiss.

“You know that if you keep doing that, I may not leave.”

“That’s kind of the point there stud.” She laughs and pulls him in for another kiss.

“Stud? Hmm, I could get used to that.”


A few days later while at work, Cassie’s phone rang, which didn’t normally happen, so she answered it.


“Um, Hi. Is this Cassie?”

“This is she. May I help you?”

“This is David. I ran into your mom at the mall the other day and she gave me your phone number.” He said nervously.

“Oh, hi, how are you?”

“I am good. I was just wondering… I mean if you’re not busy… could we get together sometime?”

“Yeah, sure. Just let me know when and where. Well, I’m sorry, but I have to cut this short, I am at work right now.”

As she was saying this, Geno came into the locker room from the ice.

They said their goodbyes and she hung up her phone.

“Who was that?” Geno asked.

“Just an old friend. Why, jealous?”

“Maybe. It depends if this old friend is a guy.” He said as he walked over to her and wrapped her in a hug.

“Well then, I guess you’re going to be jealous. Sorry babe, but it was David. You know the guy my mom gave my number to.”

“Oh. What did he want?”

“Just to get together sometime to catch up.”

“Ok. When are you going?”

“I don’t know. I had to hang up because I am supposed to be working. He’s going to call later so we can figure that out.” He let go of her with a slight frown.

“It’s nothing Geno. Don’t worry. You’re the one that I want. “

just then, Max chimes in and starts singing “You’re the One that I Want” from Grease.

You're the one that I want.

(you are the one I want), o,o, oo, honey.

The one that I want.

(you are the one I want want), o,o,oo, honey.

The one that I want

(you are the one I want want), o,o, ooooo

The one I need.

Oh, yes indeed.”

“Um, thank you Max,” I said with a laugh. “Geno, I love you there’s nothing now and there never was anything between David and me, okay?”

A few hours later, while Cassie was starting to cook some dinner, her phone rang, for the second time that day.


“Hey, its David. I was wondering if you wanted to go to lunch tomorrow.”

“Uh, sure. How ‘bout noon at Panaras?”

“That sounds great. See you then!”

Right after she hung up with David, she got a text from Geno.

I’ll be over on a half hour. Dress nice. See you soon baby.

She texts back, where are we going?

It’s a surprise. See you soon. I love you!

She runs upstairs and jumps in the shower. When she’s done, she dries her hair, lightly curls it and applies light makeup. She picks out one of her “cute little black dresses” and puts it on. When she is happy with her appearance, she goes into the living room and waits anxiously. About ten minutes later, she hears a knock at her door and she goes to answer it.

“Wow. You clean up nice!” She says looking at Geno clad in a suit standing in her doorway.

“You don’t look too bad yourself. Ready to go?”

“Yep. So, where are we going?”

“I told you, it’s a surprise.” He says as he leads her to his car and opens the door.

About twenty minutes later, we arrive at our destination, Claddagh.

When she sees the sign, a smile quickly grows on her face. As they head in, the Hostess immediately recognizes Geno and leads them to the back of the restaurant.

After we order, he takes her hands in his and looks into her eyes.

“I love you.”

“I love you too. So I guess this is my surprise. A romantic dinner with my boyfriend?”

“It’s part of it.”

“Well, I like it so far.”

“I’m sorry for getting jealous.”

“It’s ok. I forgive you. You know, you’re kinda hot when you’re jealous.”

Cassie and Geno have a nice romantic dinner without any more word of David.

When they finished, Geno took me for a ride where we ended up at the point. Geno parks the car, gets out, opens my door and takes my hand.

“What are we doing?” Cassie asked.

“I just wanted to take a walk with my beautiful girlfriend.”

“Aww ok.”

So Cassie and Geno took a small walk around the point then sat at the fountain.

“So is this the last of my surprise?”

“Not quite.” As he says this he pulls out a small box out of his suit. “Cassie, I love you and I’m sorry I’ve been a little jealous lately. Its just…. I love you with all my heart. So I got you this.” It was a Claddagh ring. “Now you have my heart.”

“You’ve had my heart since the day I met you.” Cassie says with a small tear in her eye.

“Baby, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I’m just… really happy. I love you Evgeni. Thank you.”

“Anything for you my love. I love you too.”

We sit there for a few more minutes. “Would you like to dance?”

I look up at him and begin to laugh. “Dance? But there’s no music.”

Just then, music began to play and he grabbed my hand and pulled me close to him.

“And now there’s music. Lets dance.” So we danced for quite a while, but when I started to get tired, we stopped. “Let’s get you home baby.”

“But I don’t want to be alone tonight.”

“Then we can stop at your apartment so you can get the things you need for tomorrow and we can stay at my apartment.”

“How about we stop at your house so you can get your things and we can stay at my apartment tonight. I need my car for tomorrow.”

“Sounds good to me. Why do you need your car? We’re going to the same place tomorrow.”

“David called this afternoon. He wanted to go out to lunch to catch up tomorrow. That’s all.”

“Oh, ok.”

“Babe, its nothing. Remember, you’re the one who has my heart and no one can take that away from you.”

“Well when you say it that way…”

“So it’s settled. We’ll stay at my apartment, and go to work in the morning. I’ll go to lunch with David and let you know every detail when I get back.”

“I like that plan.” Geno says with a smile and gives me a deep kiss before we make our way to the car.

**I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!! Sorry for not updating in like FOREVER! But life has been busy and i never had time to write, but when i did, i never knew what i wanted to write. But i figured it all out! I hope you guys liked this chapter. I am going to try to write some more while i am on break.**

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Your lone reader has returned. I read this chapter a few weeks ago when you sent it to me and loved it. I love Geno, he is adorable. I can't wait to see where you go with this, maybe a little more about the other realtionship, just a suggestion.